Preinstalled microSD Card

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Ideal when you already own a Raspberry Pi and want to just plug in a device. Once installed, you can use our WEPN companion app to control the device.  Please note that you will need to already own a Raspberry Pi 4, know how to run shell scripts, connect to your device via SSH, and debug issues local to your device.

Certain features, such as the LCD and LED rings will not work due to their absence. The experience will be not as smooth as our own devices, given our assumptions in software about availability of certain hardware.

You do not need a Preinstalled miscroSD card if you purchase a WEPN Pod.

WEPN is an open source and modular platform that allows running various open source services on an inexpensive device (pod) at home. The software has gone through a thorough security audit recently.

Providers can use the Pod to tunnel their traffic through their home network as they are traveling or working outside. They can also share such tunnels for their trusted family and friends.

We currently fully support Shadowsocks, compatible with Outline clients. Tor, WireGuard, and also OONI monitoring are in testing stages as well.

For more information, watch the video below, visit our website, or read our most recent observations about resilience of WEPN.